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We are Delhi’s one-stop resource. Delhi Service Center is committed to provides you with the top leading service for microwave repair in Delhi for your home appliances. Our team of experts offers you the most affordable range of services related to home appliances like Washing-machines repairing and Microwave repair that are of ay brands and models.

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Microwave Repair In Delhi

Delhi Service Center provides you with the top expert Domestic and Commercial microwaves technicians. Call us today to get your microwave repaired. We can repair all foremost microwave oven brands and models like LG, Whirlpool, Onida etc — irrespective of wherein you got it. Delhi Service Center professionals know your microwave oven from the inside out.

Our microwave repair and set up professionals are right in your neighborhood, to serve you the quickest doorstep services, so there’s no need to deliver it to a service center. And we stand through our microwave repair work with one-12 months warranties withinside the industry.

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Microwave Plate Repair

In a microwave, there’s a rotating motor under the plate that is for the rotation of the spinning plate. So the most common reason behind this spinning plate is a worn-out or burned motor. and that burned motor can be easily replaced. However, if the motor isn’t defective then there must be a fault in the major control board. and if the main control panel is also fine then check the mainboard or call the best microwave technician. We provides the best Microwave repair in Delhi Services.

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Oven Heating Fault

If the Microwave is not heating then it’s not a common problem. The most common reason behind this problem is magnetron failure. A magnetron makes use of high voltage to provide microwave frequency to prepare food. If people leave the microwave on even it is empty then in that case the magnetron burned out. A burned magnetron has to be replaced as it can’t be repaired. Another common cause for this problem could be because of capacitor burn or transformer failure.

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Making Extreme Noise

It’s very common that your microwave is making noise but if the noise is extremely high while its working then there is a Sevier problem.
A noisy microwave may be the end result of a number of issues, consisting of a defective drive motor, roller guide, magnetron, cooling fan, or excessive voltage diode. To overcome this problem, you should not use that oven till to find the main reason for that noise and you should even unplugged the main wire. Ultimately, it’s recommended that you should call an expert Microwave repairer.


Choose Our Best services for Microwave repair in Delhi Service Center. Here the professionals of Microwave repair technicians are here available to give you 24*7 service providing facility. For any help our team are just a call away.  

I would like to thank all Delhi services center, staff. I'm happy and 99% satisfied with your repairing services. Biggest thanks to Delhi service center for repairing my old washing machine in very less budget.
Pawan Kumar
This Microwave Repair technicians knows the basics of how to maintain an Washing Machine for a long run, cleaning and refilling are very quick they are efficient
Kinjal Verma
The Delhi Services center its a great work .We are happy with your outstanding service and quality of work they have provides. I'm very satisfied and happy with the service.
nikhil Gupta

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